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Fusion Update: Schwarzenegger Says Let's Give it a Try

UPDATE: No he didn't. Thanks, M. Simon.

Interesting energy developments in California:

iecreactor.jpgIn a move sure to impress environmentalists and further cement his Earth friendly image, Governor Schwarzenegger is set to launch a multimillion dollar research effort into a revolutionary new source of clean non-polluting power.

The reactor works by using Quasi-spherical magnetic fields that trap injected energetic electrons to form a spherical negative potential well. Fusion ions trapped in this spherical well focused through central region oscillate across the "core" until they are reacted.

The project is focused on the Inertial Electrostatic Fusion reactor invented by the award winning American physicist Dr. Robert W. Bussard. The Radiation Free Fusion Reactor has the potential to change the whole landscape of energy generation, which is usually a choice between bad and worse options that include Nuclear, Coal and Natural Gas systems.

Way to go, Governor. Although nuclear fission might not be that bad (given developments in reactor technology) and coal is a great fuel if you can just do something about the emissions, we're kind of partial to this idea of waste-free, IEC fusion. Here's hoping there's something there.


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Since I last commented a couple of things have happened:

Bussard Reactor Funded

So we are off to the races. We will know in 6 to 9 months if it is worth more effort.

Dr. Bussard has died.

His work is being carried on by two scientists from Los Alamos.

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