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IEC Fusion for Dummies

I like the heroic score. Apparently this is some old technology -- going back to Tesla -- being repurposed as a possible driver for fusion energy.

Here's a much more thorough explanation from Robert Bussard (yep, the ramjet guy) who is working for a company looking to bring this technology to market. Radiation-free nuclear power! They claim that they'll be in commercial energy production 15 years. Just the other day, a contributor to a futures forum I participate in commented that fusion has been 30 years off for last 50 years. I wonder how long it will be 15 years off?


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I think that score is from "Star Gate."

Yes, very interesting. Plentiful, cheap, electric power for everything - including the plug-in hybrid automobiles everyone, hopefully, will be driving by then.

Cool. And if I live to be 160 or older- "15 years" away is no big deal for 20 or 30 years.

Plug in Hybrid- why would I want to waste all that electricity dragging aroudn the ICE?

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