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Not Knowing What We're Missing

A short and very moving story does more to sum up what we at L2si and The Speculist believe about the crucial, positive role that technology has played, continues to play, and will play in improving the human condition. The story begins

At some point when I was a child, it became apparent that I was a bit different from the other kids. Namely, I couldn’t hear the things they heard.

You'll want to read the rest at the source.

Glenn Reynolds comments:

And yet there are people who think that technology is dehumanizing. They're basically idiots.

Technology is one of the means by which we translate things we have imagined into real aspects of the world around us. There is no more fundamentally human function than that -- turning ideas into reality. For all we know, in the entire universe, that capability is unique to human beings.

Stephen Gordon adds:

Imagine what we - with our normal senses - still miss. Imagine what it will be like when we "wake up."

Not only is technology not dehumanizing, it provides the possibility for us to be more human than we were before -- or at least for "being human" to mean something more than it did before.


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