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Soccer-Playing Robots

The coolest part about this is that they're doing it all themselves:

Kind of reminds me of this:


Maybe we'll see real robot boxing matches before too long. Could robot players be the new frontier in spectator sports? It would certainly do away with any controversy about enhancement drugs...


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These aren't remote controlled? It looks like the guys standing around the field are holding remotes.

It looks that way, but I don't think so. Wayne Radinsky, fearless leader of the Boulder Future Salon, comments:

"Remember these are fully autonomous robots -- they're not remote
controlled by humans on the sidelines.

I love how the people cheer for the robots -- even though they can't
hear, they're robots! says as much for human social behavior as robot

I've been watching these for the last few years and it's interesting
to see the technology creeping forward each year -- that's why I
think AI is probably a frog boiling scenario."

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