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The Littlest Genius

mathilda.jpgI'm going to say cutest, too. Meet Georgia Brown, at age 2, the youngest member ever of Mensa. She has an IQ of 152, which they're saying puts her in the ballpark of Stephen Hawking. This little girl was dressing herself at 14 months and now enjoys "explaining difficult words to her friends."

Unfortunately for Mensa, I believe we're rapidly heading toward the day when little Georgia Brown will not be the exception. The exceptionally gifted of today give us something to aim for as we begin to seriously discuss augmenting human mental (and other) capacities. Whether we do it pharmacologically, through genetic manipulation, or with electronic implants -- or a combination of the three -- we're on our way to a world of much smarter people.

I hope that I, too, might one day be as smart as Stephen Hawking...or Georgia Brown.


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Why do I have the sudden urge to whistle that Harlem Globetrotters tune?

I don't know, but she certainly is a sweet little thing, isn't she?

The link here followed an alien invasion caution, and now I'm reading about a genius 2 year old.

'reminds me of "Mimsy were the Borogoves." Would future humans count as aliens?


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