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Now That's a Good Invention

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the remote-controlled snowplow. It's a re-purposed golf cart!


See it in action here (last item.)

This guy should sell these things; he would make a fortune.


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Yes, but is it 3-laws safe? :-)

I'm afraid the guy plowing remotely from his warm living room might miss something important like a kid walking up.

We really need intelligent machines that can operate (at least) as safely on their own as we would operate them if we were there.

If there had ever been a kid walking up there would have been no reason for a remote control plow. I'm sure paying a kid to shovel would have been cheaper than building that thing.

In another few decades, the global warming opportunity will make snow removal equipment specialized tools for ski resort maintenance personnel. Oh I know, it's a global warming problem - but it's probably not a bad idea to get some Canadian farmland while it's still in permafrost. Act now, before all the snow melts and they raise the price...

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