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Sea Monsters Live!

Who needs a fake...


...when you can have the real thing? Here in the city of Tokyo (where business travel has brought me for a few days) there have been recent sitings of a rare prehistoric creature, the frilled shark. Unlike Nessie, the frilled shark is unquestionably real. Thought to have been long extinct, the species was found in the 19th century to be alive and well and living in the (deep) waters in the vicinity of Japan.

According to Wikipedia, these monstrous, eel-like fish live at depths of 120 to nearly 1300 meters deep. (That's well over half a mile for the metric-resistant.) So when a specimen showed up in a harbor south of Tokyo earlier this week, an alert fisherman was quick to notify the management of a nearby marine park. Photgraphers from the park managed to get some excellent phots of the shark before it (unfortunately) died, probably because it couldn't handle life in shallow water.

Check this thing out:


It's too bad we lost this one, but it's encouraging to realize that we live on a planet that supports such incredible diversity of life. It's also good to know that these things are usually found only in the very deep water. I, for one, wouldn't want to run into one while snorkeling in water 10-15 feet deep.

So here's to the frilled shark. My trip to Japan can only get better if Godzilla himself shows up.


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It's a very special shark and it so sad that this one died :/ I've also written an article about if you want you can take a look at it ^^

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