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Shrinking Fat Cells

More good news for those who are watching their weight:

Exercise may be especially helpful in reducing the size of fat cells around the waistline -- more so than diet alone, a study suggests. That's important, because fat specifically in the abdomen has been linked to the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Among a group of obese women who were placed on a regimen of calorie cutting alone or diet plus exercise, those who exercised showed a reduction in the size of fat cells around the abdomen. Women who only dieted showed no such change.

The article doesn't explain why, exactly, smaller fat cells are a good thing, but my better-than-eighth-grade education tells me that if you have the same number of smaller fat cells as you once had big ones, you'll be thinner. Also, this reaffirms the importance of exercise, which some folks are likey to respond to more enthusiastically than others:



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