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Welcome to L2si

L2si is a new blog from your friends at The Speculist, where we’ll be highlighting not just news, but good news. And in fact not just good news, but transformational news – news that speaks to the fundamental changes taking place right now – the changes that are reshaping our lives and our world.

This new blog has its origins in a feature we ran at The Speculist called Better All the Time. Think of L2si as a permanent edition of BATT, and one that will be regularly updated. There will also be a Podcast version of content from this blog which will be debuting in the next day or to under the title of The L2si Report. (It will accompany this blog in the same way that FastForward Radio accompanies The Speculist.)

L2si is an abbreviation for "Live to See it," which is our tagline at the Speculist, but it’s a lot more than just a tagline. L2si is our philosophy. It’s our affirmation that the world not only should be getting better, but that it is getting better -- that the future holds in store amazing promise, and that there is much that we can all hope to live to see.

So what do we mean when we say that the world is getting better? Well, by better we mean freer. Safer. Cleaner. More things to do. More things to be. Less stuff to die from, more stuff to live for.

This may strike some as a radical proposition, suggesting that we’re part of an evolutionary process. Are we saying that there’s some unstoppable wave of improvement that nobody really started and that no one has the power to stop? Or more modestly, have we concluded that the very human drive to be smarter, to be stronger, and to be better than we were, tends to win out? That in the end we, humanity, are better at solving problems than we are at anything else, including creating problems?

Well, in a word, yes. There’s a strong case to be made for the latter explanation, and we can’t entirely rule out the former one.

Now it’s strange timing, some would argue, to launch a new blog and podcast about how the world is getting better within a week of another Tsunami hitting Indonesia and a new war breaking out in the Middle East. But our point is not that bad things haven’t happened, aren’t happening, or won’t continue to happen. They have, they are, and they will. Nor do we assert that a better future is guaranteed. It is not. Rather, we look at where humanity has come from over the past few dozen millennia and we see a relentless progression towards more knowledge, more capability, and greater freedom. Could that relentless progression come to a grinding halt tomorrow? It could. Or more likely, could it hit circumstances that will set it back a century or two (or five) as it has done on numerous occasions along the way to where we are now? It could.

So what we’re looking for is evidence that this has not happened. We simply want to present proof that the progress continues – that in spite of the terrible things that may be going on day to day, our journey towards greater knowledge, greater capability, and greater freedom goes on.

So let’s get started. An amazing new world is emerging. A brighter future has already begun.


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Best of luck on the new L2si site. I am certainly hoping to L2si.

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