November 27, 2006

Paper Storage

This is pretty neat:

How much information can you store on an A4 sheet? Well, according to some new technology designed by an Indian engineering student, an extraordinary 256GB.

With new "rainbow technology", devised by Sainul Abideen who has just completed an MCA degree in Kerala, data can be encoded into coloured geometric shapes and stored in dense patterns on paper.


An A4 sheet of paper is a bit longer and a bit narrower than a standard US letter size sheet; let's assume for the moment that they can hold the same amount of data. A megabyte of data is roughly 100 pages of single-spaced text (12-point Times in Microsoft word.) If this paper storage technology works out, a single page of paper can encode 25.6 million pages of text! If you prefer, that single sheet of paper could store more than 4600 hours of MP3 music or about 3000 hours of streaming Flash video.

Not too shabby!

I wonder if the tape storage vendors are worried about this? Of course, rather than being worried, they ought to think about investing in this guy.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE: Don't write those checks just yet, storage industry folks. Looks like this may be a scam. Ouch, here's more: "the storage equivalent of perpetual motion."