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Wind Power is Everywhere

It's here:

Norwegian energy group Norsk Hydro is to place giant floating wind turbines in the North Sea that will provide a reasonable, environmentally-friendly and economically feasible alternative to standard energy generation processes.

“It’s attractive to have windmills out at sea, out of sight of land, away from birds’ migration routes,” said Alexandra Bech Gjoerv, head of Hydro’s New Energy division at a signing ceremony to develop floating wind turbine technology.

And it's here:

A new, 130-megawatt wind power project is to be built in southeastern Turkey. It will more than double the country’s installed wind capacity. The wind park will feature 52 wind turbines built by GE, each rated at 2.5 megawatts. This will be the largest wind power project to date in Turkey. The project’s estimated annual electricity production of 500 million kilowatt-hours will be purchased by independent power consumers. Interest in wind-generated electricity has been increasing in Turkey.

According to the European Wind Energy Association, the country had 84 megawatts of installed wind capacity at the beginning of 2007, an increase of 65 megawatts from the start of 2006.

Approaching Oakland last week on a flight from Denver, I saw a huge wind farm in action out in "fly-over country," probably 100-150 miles east of the bay area. It seemed to go on forever. I know there's worry about windmills ruining the scenery, but when you consider how much of that 2-hour flight is spent over open and untouched land, and how little is spent over developed areas in general, much less wind farms in particular, I think we're going to be okay on the scenery.

Plus, in some really barren areas, wind farms actually contribute to the scenery...



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