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Seeing With His Ears

Some stories just pretty much speak for themselves:

Amazing kid. Amazing mom, too.

Via Dean Esmay, who comments:

Now ask yourself the question that the newscasters and just about everyone else isn't asking:

Why are researchers and disability advocates not right now studying this kid and his mom's techniques to learn how to do what he can do? Kid's got no eyes but he can play video games and foosball and rollerblade on the goddamned street without assistance. Yes he's a great brilliant kid, and inspiring, but why aren't we scrambling like crazy to figure out what he and his mom have figured out-- and turning it into a training program? I mean, holy cow, just look at what they've accomplished! Study! Learn from them! Even sighted people might benefit. If he can do it so can others probably, right???



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A real life Daredevil!

When I was a kid I used to play a game. I'd lay in the back seat of the car with my eyes closed and with a window open. I'd then describe the objects we passed based on the sound.

This isn't all that hard actually. Anyone with decent hearing can train themselves to do this. The air wake of the car makes it pretty obvious when you pass a car, a tree, or even a person - provided you listen.

This, though, is a whole different level.

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