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Just Like a Mouse, Only Better

It's a little something called the human hand:

Technovelgy comments:

A camera focused on the user's hand above the keyboard detects when the user touches his forefinger to his thumb. When that "circle" is made, the software maps the gesture to the screen, allowing control in the same way that a mouse can drag and drop, and so forth. Gesture recognition using video frames grabbed in real time has been around since the early 1990's. The interesting thing about this story (to me) is not necessarily the PodTech software, but the fact that now all of the hardware components (built-in cameras, powerful processors) are standard equipment on many computers, and are cheap in any case.

Seems like a step in the right direction.


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seems more like a step in the right direction than Microsoft's "Surface"

I want less required contact with physical reality and more contact with virtual reality. Look, you can put your photos on a table. Gather everyone around the table to gawk at the marvel of glorified touch-screen technology. But wait, it can access your credit cards and cameras and cell phones and digitally violate you in ways you haven't even thought of yet, because it's "revolutionary" and "innovative" (you know, like push buttons were innovative and revolutionized the rotary telephone, sure the world enjoys ubiquitous push buttons - but would we have missed the Internet without them?) I don't trust Microsoft with the security of my browser, and they expect me to be OK with every shred of data comprising my identity? No thanks.

I want to remain on the couch and manipulate virtual 3D objects on my 50+ inch HD display. (ok, true that I don't own said display, but whatever) I don't believe this can't be efficiently realized with currently available technology and computing power - at about one tenth the cost of the "Surface." You want a 70+ inch display? the reader should scale independantly of the display, but not if it's all part of a single surface. Oh wait, it's a tech gadget that serves little unique purpose other than to be a new tech gadget and make a pile of money.

** end anti-Surface rant

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