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Another Scam?

We're big believers in good news around here, but when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Well, now there's this:

Sure, there's loads of energy to be had from burning hydrogen and, yes, there's lots of hydrogen in water. But it takes so much power to break the bond between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the water molecule, it's hard to come out ahead on the deal. Has this guy found a workaround, or is all this HHO talk just a smokescreen?

Time will tell.


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This may be useful if he can get the electricity to gas conversion above 50%.

The odds are not good.

However, with these kinds of stories it is always useful to get reporters who are ignorant of thermodynamics.

First you convert coal to electricity. Best case - 60% energy loss. Then you convert the electricity to gas. Let us be wildly optimistic and say 10% loss.

Then you burn the gas in a gas engine 70% loss.

You wind up with an 11% output coal to transportation. With liquid fuels the conversion rate is around 30% (on an engine basis).

Electric cars make more sense.

Isn't there any one on this blog who can run the numbers?

M. --

Assuming that someone doesn't go into a big mathematical spiel because they lack the capability is smidge on the presumptuous side, isn't it?

I made the same basic points you did without the numbers. Maybe you would never do that when making a point, but then maybe -- maybe -- some people communicate differently than others and for different reasons.

Just a little something for you to mull over as you make your rounds through the blogosphere setting the world straight on things.

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